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Elementary Staff/Websites

Below is a list of our elementary faculty and staff. Some teachers have their own classroom web page and are noted with an asterisk (*). Some sites require a classroom user name and password. Please contact your child’s teacher to obtain this information.

Principal - Dr. Ashley Bough
Assistant Principal - Crystal Tebbenkamp

School Based Clinician - Brenda Grass
School Resource Officers - Tyler Clark and Mike Sly
Administrative Assistants - Dana Comstock and Becky Walker
English Language Teacher - Juliana Matveyuk
Art - Charlotte Gallagher
Gifted - Andrea Williams

Guidance Counselors - Hunter Foley and Christy Willis*
Technology - Korry Tillery
Librarian - Melissa Morris
Library Aide - Amy Silva
Music - Jenny Stone
Nurse - Rolanda Lawler 
Physical Education - Dale Bean
Special Education Director - CJ August
Special Education Teachers - Nancy Bartley, Becky Curtman and Brittany Erisman 
Special Education Paraprofessionals - Abby Bradford, Amy Carney, Emily Cooley, Trentyn Hamilton, Dana Hand, Sherry Hensley, Madelyn Lai, and Shelby 

Behavior Interventionist - Dalton Taylor
Instructional Coach - Tracy Tindle
Title I Math - Melisa Daily and Jessica Hashagen

Title I Reading -  Stephanie Goings and Ally Jensen

First Grade
Bailey Bates*
Ashley Ferguson*
Courtney Lyons*
Sandie Moos*
Emily Penland*


Second Grade 
Brooke Darnell*
Sydney Hicks-Davis*
Emma Gretlein*
Brianna Miller*
Dacia Wade*


Third Grade 
Ciara Beushausen*
Austin Davidson*
Jamie Hurtgen*
Stephanie Rounsaville*
Laura Samuel*


Fourth Grade
Shannon Branagh*
Sarah Call*
Casey Crocker*
Taylor King* 

Tara Trevarthen*